The New Slave Master

this image is about MIDI comunication between ...

this image is about MIDI comunication between Master and two slave (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In September of 2010, I explored the subject of slavery from a perspective much different than what we commonly know the term as. This post was published elsewhere on the web. However, I decided to revisit the subject of slavery” and share it here. The diagram to the left is an illustration of a MIDI set up as the master communicates to the slaves. Take notice of the diagram as how the master sends “out” its command and it goes “in” and “through” slave 1 and on into slave 2. Couldn’t this very well be how we affect each other? Can what we be slaves to individually transfer to our family and friends or co-workers? It would be interesting to know what your perspectives are on the subject and how you are now or have been affected by your own self-induced confinement and how you plan on or have conquered it.

Does Slavery Still Exist?

Slavery by definition is when a person or group of people are held against their will and owned by another person. The most recognized form of slavery is when Africans were transported to the Americas. Although slavery as we know it has been abolished, there are more than 27 million slaves that are owned by another person as you read this. Slaves today aren’t the slaves of my ancestors and today’s slave masters are much more brutal than those of years gone by. Today’s slavery, by the definition above, operates in an entirely different fashion.

Did you know that human trafficking is the fastest growing and most disturbing form of slavery? This type of slavery involves selling women and children into the sex trade industry. This criminal behavior has become the largest slave trade known in history. Human trafficking is estimated to surpass drug trafficking in criminal activity.

Who’s the Master?

If you are reading this, then chances are you are not being held against your will and you are not a slave by definition. I submit to you, however, that in some form we still have a slave master. We are still owned. To some reading this, you will automatically object to such a claim and others will readily admit that they are a slave. I can honestly admit that I have more than one slave master. The difference between my slave masters and the slave masters of my ancestors is that I am not being held against my will. In fact, I willfully submitted to them my power and authority. That makes me a loyal and noteworthy slave.

The Biblical Perspective

The title of this post is The New Slave Master. Slavery itself is not a new concept. It is the slave master that has transformed and evolved into new forces that we find ourselves unconsciously submitted to. In the New International Version of the Bible, we find in 2 Peter 2:19 in the latter part of the verse, “a man is a slave to whatever has mastered him”. In essence, my slave master isn’t even another person. I am a slave to my own addictions. I am a slave at times to my anger. I am a slave even to my past transgressions that I allow to haunt me and convince me of what I can not do or what I can not over come. My addictions, my occasional anger, and my past serve as my slave masters because I willfully allow them to master me.

In order to free myself from my slave masters, I must first acknowledge the presence of them. If I truly want to be free, I can’t go on pretending they are not there. The power to be free doesn’t lie in my slave masters but lies in the depths of my spirit. Most of us created our own slave masters and their rule over us has left residual consequences in some cases. Even as a believer in and server of God, I still find myself falling prey to my slave masters at times. But I believe that the stronger my desire is to be like Him, my total freedom will be granted.


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