Molded Faces


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Halloween is such an exciting time for kids. Retail establishments load the shelves with a plethora of costumes and masks. Some of the masks are absolutely hideous while others teeter to the funny side. Should we even mention the haunted houses and trails that come into existence around Halloween? As my uncle would say, “I’m a full grown man”. I just don’t like the eerie feeling of a haunted house or a haunted trail. I would go to one before 6:00 pm. No, of course, I’m not scared. I’m just saying I don’t like the feeling. You believe me, right?

Essentially, a mask is a mold constructed from rubber or some kind of durable plastic. We can even mold a mask to fit our face. Once that mask is molded and cured, we can try it on for a perfect fit. If we can mold a mask to fit our face, can we not also mold our face to fit a mask? I remember reading that quote somewhere. “We mold our faces to fit our masks”. How does that happen? I asked the same question when I read that quote.

Let’s take a walk, will you? Suppose I am Deacon Spears. I teach Sunday school on the 2nd and 4th Sundays at my church. The members in the class look up to me and appreciate the knowledge God has given me in His word. After Sunday school is over, I take my place on stage with the Praise and Worship team and sing “How Great is Our God” among other notable selections. When Praise and Worship is over, I take a seat with my fellow Deacons and we listen to the Word being presented by the Pastor. We have a great time during service and we all fellowship and encourage each other after service. This happens Sunday after Sunday to the next. Everyone who I encounter thinks a lot of me and considers me a good spiritual leader.

Sixteen hours later, it’s Monday morning and I am back at work. I am now d. Christopher Spears. Deacon Spears, well, he was at church yesterday. I am back in that atmosphere I left on Friday that had me cursing a little bit here and there and flirting with the lady who sits in the cubicle next to me. She knows I’m married and I know she’s married. We just engage in a little office romance. No harm intended because we are just having innocent fun…or are we? It’s all fun and games until someone get’s caught.

Now back to molding our faces to fit our masks. In the scenarios above, Deacon Spears represents the mask. d. Christopher Spears represents the face. On every Sunday morning, d. Christopher Spears has to mold his face to fit the mask of Deacon Spears. Deacon Spears is a righteous man who knows the Word and presents it with clarity. He has gained respect from many people in the church. The younger brothers in the church admire him and follow the example Deacon Spears sets. Every Monday morning, the mask comes off and d. Christopher Spears engages in the very actions he teaches against.

How many people do you know that have molded their faces to fit their masks on Sunday mornings? Are you one of them? I would rather not wear a mask at all and be the character that Deacon Spears represents everyday in any environment. Wouldn’t it be awesome to put a smile on God’s face that you alone influenced your entire office that He is real just from the example you set? Hallelujah!


6 thoughts on “Molded Faces

    • Planting, I imagine you felt the way I did when I first heard this molded faces. I definitely was convicted and had to change. Yes, we all hide things when in certain company. I am reminded of a story from a contractor that purchases products from my company. He told me of a Christian brother in his church that was separated from his wife and family for more than three months and no one knew about it…even his neighbor who attended the same church. It doesn’t pay to mold our faces to fit our masks. Sometimes we need real help from fellow Christians but the mask of pride allows us to encounter issues that are preventable. My wife and I definitely had to take off our masks when our marriage was in trouble. We sought help from inside the church. Our Pastor and his wife helped us through a difficult time. We are grateful to the God in them. We don’t even own those masks anymore. What you see is what you get with us and we are happier than ever. God is a God of restoration!

      • amen again Darren! We believe that God is real….and when we discard those molded faces…..his grace is all we need to be real!

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    I would like to share this post with everyone…it has really been knocking around in my head since I first read it….I hope it blesses you as it has me….

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