Love In The First Degree

I am often left in awe
Of the way You have loved me
I’ve denied you more times than Peter
You have loved us both
In the first degree

Entangled in a web of sin
Your love brought me out
I wandered back in
You refused to give up on me
Embraced by your love in the first degree

You remember no more my iniquity
Cut away the branches
That were the worst of me
That I may walk the path of righteousness
I love you, too, in the first degree

There is no love in this life that compares to the love God has for us. He gave His only begotten Son who paid for our sins. Oh how unworthy we are for such an act to ensue on our behalf. Jesus is still the intercessor on our behalf in Heaven. It is God’s love in the first degree that makes me fear Him, not in terror, but His awesome power which I revere. Let us empty ourselves daily and be filled with Him and His love so that we may know how to truly love Him in the first degree. We will know how to love each other and edify the body of Christ in the way we are intended. By this, men will know that we are his disciples if we love one another. (John 13:35)


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