Fly Anyway

English: The early bumblebee (Bombus pratorum)...

English: The early bumblebee (Bombus pratorum) is one of the smaller bumblebees. It can be found throughout Europe, except for the Iberian peninsula. The specimen in the picture is a fully grown worker (female) – measuring 14 mm from head to abdomen. It is landing on an Echinacea purpurea flower. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“According to the laws of aerodynamics, the bumblebee can’t fly either, but the bumblebee doesn’t know anything about the laws of aerodynamics, so it goes ahead and flies anyway.” 

Igor Sikorsky

I don’t know much about bumblebees. I do know that when I see more than two or more of them in a general area, one of us has to leave. I leave. And when it comes to aerodynamics, well, I know that it is how the Wright Brothers took on the law of gravity to get their plane into flight. They understood that when a liquid’s flow speed increases, pressure decreases. With that being known, an airplane can fly because the airspeed flowing over the top of the wings is lower than the airspeed beneath the wings allowing its weight to be supported in the air.

Let’s talk about the bumblebees again. Because no one has ever told the bumblebee he can’t fly, he goes on about his business and buzzes anywhere he wants. He flies without fear. He flies with confidence. Don’t you wish you were like the bumblebee? I do. I wish I didn’t know anything about obstacles or failures and other things I let steal away my dreams. Where would we be right now had we not allowed ourselves to be grounded by fear?  What’s your gravity?  I believe it’s time to learn from the bumblebee. Fly anyway. Won’t you take flight with me?


3 thoughts on “Fly Anyway

  1. Fear is our ultimate enemy and this is precisely why we are urged in scripture to abandon it. Its a little challenging but it can be done. Flying is another story. We are told that we can mount up with wings like eagles and soar. Of course, soaring fearlessly is what we are called to do in our spiritual life. As usual sir, your profound thought hasn’t failed to inspire. God’s abundant blessings! d(^.^)b

  2. Thank you kindly Sir. It is brothers in Christ like you that I try to keep my spirit full of. That’s why I know God is real! You and I can fellowship in His name and we have yet to shake each other’s hand and hug in that Agape love. We (my family) appreciate the inspiration from God in you that pours out on the pages of Epignosis Ministries. God Bless Sir!

  3. encouraging words….reminds me of Gilligan’s Island…..Gilligan thought he invented wings so he could fly…..the skipper walked up and said, Gilligan…you can’t fly….so Gilligan fell to the ground….when those around us can’t fly….they don’t like to see that anyone else can…..

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