Invisible Vision

English: A pair of reading glasses with LaCost...“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   – Antoine de Saint Exupery

I am a wearer of spectacles. I absolutely have to wear them. I’ve worn them for as long as I can remember; perhaps back to 7th grade. I didn’t want to be caught with glasses on back then because I was afraid someone would make fun of me and call me a dork among other emotionally piercing words. To prevent that from happening, I would squint so I could see my surroundings. I noticed that as I grew older and my vision advanced to the stage of bad, I was squinting so hard that my eyes were nearly closed. In fact, if I take off my glasses at this very moment, I should just close my eyes completely. The result is the same.

I’ve thought about this question a time or two: “What if I became blind after being able to see all this time?”  Surely it would be devastating. All the things I can see now that I take for granted would be off-limits to me from a visual perspective. I wouldn’t see my wife’s beautiful face and marvel at her dimples when she smiles. I wouldn’t be able to see my daughters as they walk across the stage to receive their degrees. I wouldn’t be able to see my sons do a Ray Lewis or Adrian Peterson on the football field. Wow! I don’t even know if devastating is a strong enough term to describe what being blind would be like.

Let us think for a moment about the wonder of Stevie Wonder. He became blind shortly after his birth. Yet, he is one of the most influential musical geniuses we have come to know. How is that? He created timeless pieces of music that any of us can sing now if the mood struck us. He can’t see the harmonica that he plays so melodically in the song “Isn’t She Lovely?”. You and I can see him do it so effortlessly though. Here is the wonder: “How could he have seen the beauty in the lyrics and music that you and I love so much and he is blind?” I didn’t understand it until Antoine made it clear to me. Mr. Wonder didn’t need physical sight to see those essential things that would make him great. He saw those things with his heart. You and I have just been blessed all these years to witness by sight and by hearing the fruit of Mr. Wonder’s invisible vision.

I want to start a business. I have wanted to start one for years now. I realize that I’ve looked at it the wrong way. With my eyes, I can see the difficulty involved in starting this business. I can see the look on the banker’s face when I go in and ask for a loan to start this business. I can see family and friends snickering in the corner because they believe more in the character I was than the man I’ve become. Hmm!  Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing taking off my glasses for a little while. Then I would be forced to recognize those essential things with my heart. How are you looking at your dreams and goals?


One thought on “Invisible Vision

  1. sight is a blessing for sure….but how many times in the bible did God strike certain people blind for a few days? Or take away their speech….it’s as if to say: be quiet for a while so I can work through you……stop looking at things that are taking you away from me…..even Saul – Paul – was struck blind….when God wanted his attention right? Good read! God bless!

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