Toe the Line

Have you ever heard a song that you just can’t stop singing? How about a song with lyrics that precisely describe someoneToe The Line1 you love, or use to, and you didn’t even write them? I can tell you about 10 such songs from the new cd “Toe the Line” by Michael Freund. With sultry guitar licks, bass lines that made me buy a new bass, and a time keeper [drummer] that will make anyone tap the steering wheel while rocking out down the interstate, this new cd is your ticket for any mood you are in.

Right out the gate in the first track, 25 Roses catches your attention with Freund’s sticky guitar riffs leading into a high tempo groove that will make you hit repeat on your cd player. In fact, if you hear and see Michael doing this song live, you will push your way to the stage and hit the repeat button so you can keep on dancing.

Lonely, the third track of this musical story book, is a song that will make you wish you could have back the one you love or make you long to be in love. Whichever is your case, this is another track that will keep your finger on the repeat button.

If you want to rock out to Hair’s on Fire or mellow out with the reggae-esque The Heat, or somewhere in between, this Toe the Line album will make you appreciate that junction where great lyrics and superb instrumental talent meet.

You can get your own copy of Toe the Line over at Google Play or CD Baby. You can also find the artist jamming out on Facebook and Google+ .

Toe The Line Backside1


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