Without Vision

A gentleman I have come to know over the last 8 months or so wanted to start a business in an industry in which he knew nothing about. Johnny, we’ll call him, was initially seeking help from one of the service providers in this particular industry. He called around town but never received a call back from the ones he reached out to. After becoming frustrated, Johnny decided he would find out about the industry first hand to see what the hold up was.

He called up the supplier and expressed interest in the products and wanted to have a meeting. He set up a day and time and Johnny was right on time. Maybe “Johnny on The Spot” is appropriate. He arrived at the facility and spoke about the industry with the manager for a couple of hours. He asked  lots of questions. Luckily, the manager had all the answers. After a tour of the facility and the product line, Johnny was satisfied and the meeting concluded

Needless to say, Johnny was in business in less than 60 days of that meeting last year and has not slowed down. His approach to selling himself and the service he provides is refreshing to the local market. The new venture has gone so well in such a short period of time that Johnny will be expanding into two new markets in another month.

I told Johnny I was very impressed with what he is doing. I am, in fact, a little more than a decade older than Johnny. I told him that I was motivated by his energy and tirelessness to see his plan through. His reply to me was, “It’s all about vision. I wrote down specifics last year of where I wanted to be. I told the manager of that facility that I was going to be his number one customer. I wrote that down too. I wrote down other goals as well and it is all falling into place. It is crazy how it is happening. But, it is!” Then he goes on to say this: “If you want your dream to come true, you have to write it down. It’s your vision man. You have to do it!”

I’ve been thinking about that principle ever since he laid it out like that. It’s not because I didn’t know this that I’ve been thinking about it. It’s because I witnessed first hand how it came to work for Johnny. He worked the principle and continues to work it while he is experiencing tremendous growth and success in a brand new industry.

The title of this post is “Without Vision”. What I’ve spoken about is what having vision and working the principle does for you. The picture below is an illustration of what happens when we don’t have vision. I found this picture while reading different topics at a website yesterday. It broke my heart. I was trying to figure out how it could have happened. I stopped looking at it when I imagined the struggle this deer had gone through knowing it would meet its demise. Had this deer been able to see, his life would have surely been extended.



Without vision. I thought about what Johnny said to me. I thought about what I was going to do about it. I thought about my children. I even thought about you. That’s why I’m sharing this with you. Some of you even know the Biblical scripture that speaks specifically to what happens when there is no vision.

I trust that you have decided not to perish after seeing this.


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