Two Regular People

Pigeons 2 NLI haven’t written on this particular blog in a while. Not because I haven’t had any ascended thoughts. I’ve had plenty. Some of them have been any other areas of interest. But today. Today is a day that started off with a reply to me from one of my childhood friends. While there may be a lot of distortion on social platforms such as Facebook, I use it in a manner to stay connected to friends near and far. Facebook is the arena in which this conversation between two regular people happened. The conversation initiated by my childhood chum on this article sparked a response from a few us regular people. I elected to use this portion of the conversation because it is what started my Wednesday morning off to a great start. I appreciate my life. I appreciate the people in it now, the people that were, and those to come. I don’t take life for granted anymore. This isn’t your main stream Christian story from powerful, well known orators of the Bible. Nope. It’s two regular people.

O David Deberry Wuts worst is the families of the victims showed so much love & compassion to forgive and pray for the soul of someone who meant nothing but pain, now have to find a way to forgive their leaders of greed and selfishness. I pray for those families.

D. Christopher Spears
D. Christopher SpearsO David Deberry, I read this article back when it came out. All of you guys in this post have valid points of view. David hit on a key point in one of his comments … corruption! One thing that I’ve found about the condition of corruption is that corruption doesn’t care who is it’s host. It plants itself in whatever willing vessel is available regardless of age, race, religion etc.

When I think of the atmosphere of our national politics, I associate the word corruption because, well, it’s corrupt. Politics, in its purest form, is meant to establish order and govern a people and its nation. Yet, enter present day politics and we find chaos and disorder among the very people we elected to office…and those who want to be elected.

Unfortunately, politics is also present in our Churches. No, it’s not the Church as a whole. There are some great Church bodies out there. However, it only takes one mistake by one Church official for society to blindly convict the whole body.

I believe that we all at some point in our lives want and need Jesus. We want to accept Him as our Savior and believe that He died for our sins. We look to the Church to help us draw closer to Him. The problem is, as you stated in the opening, stories like this one makes it hard for regular folks to do the right thing.

I submit to you this David, regular folks is what He is looking for to advance His Kingdom. For instance, you have a ministry right now doing what you are doing changing people’s lives through healthy living. Did you ever think of it that way? People are looking for leaders to help them in many facets of their lives. You brought this situation to the forefront and opened for discussion to bring awareness. You will not find this being talked about in too many Sunday services in the pulpit.

I don’t think you are going to see many non-regular people talk about this. I have seen God work in your life big guy. And as long as you and I stay regular and avoid the corruption, the world “will” get better one heart at a time. Keep touching lives my friend. Keep touching lives!

O David Deberry Thanx Kerm (I hope u don’t mind me still callin u that). Sometimes I do look @ wut I do as a ministry, not sayin I that I want any of the responsibilities that come with being a minister, but I believe we ALL have our own ministry. In a previous post I made some time back, I mentioned spiritual forces being @ play. Well WTBS we ALL will advance someone’s kingdom of darkness or light. I’ve spent so much time in the darkness that I appreciate being able to c the light in the distance. I don’t believe I’m able to bask in it yet. I feel HE still has more work for me, for us all to do. I think he wants me to stop being a coward. Stop being fearful of public opinion when addressing wrong doings. I watched Captain America Civil War several times since its release. I can’t remember the exact quote but goes something like this, “Even when the world believes its right & wants u to move, u root urself like a tree beside the river of truth & tell the world, NO. U MOVE.” If we as Christians really believe that Christ will return, then every example I see of his appearance for his people in the bible is AFTER they have put their own well being on the line for the sake of truth. I’m not sayin by any means that I’m ready for HIS return, but if we really want things to get better, or if nothing else, for the wickedness of the world to come to an end, we have to STAND. Root ourselves like a tree beside the living water that is CHRIST & tell the world NO. U MOVE!!! People who are referred to as radicals, insurgents, rebels, terrorists are willing to die for wut they believe in. Wasn’t that ultimately the goal for HIS disciples? Paul even said that he wasn’t worthy, to crucify him upside down. THAT’S POWERFUL. I said all that to say it’s time we stand up for right in our homes, communities, businesses, churches, schools & hold our leaders accountable when they do not. Thanx for giving me the courage to say this Kerm D. Christopher Spears.

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D. Christopher SpearsYou are welcome brother. I didn’t give you courage. You already had it. Your courage is fine tuned now for His glory that is displayed through you. I am happy for you, your successes, and love seeing your life from when we were kids to now. Blessings O David Deberry.

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That’s it for me folks. What’s the ascended thought here? The way I see it, God is present everywhere. Not just Sunday mornings. He is everywhere and in everyone who accepts Him and uses the willing to glorify and honor Him. Be regular folks and be an extraordinary vessel for Him.
Thank you O. David Deberry for this inspiration.

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