Dragonfly Summer

Growing up in the country on the outskirts of Latta, I had the privelege of seeing the beauty of many things. Although, back then I didn’t appreciate the beauty of life as I do now. My buddy Chris and I would go fishing in all the ponds, rivers, and ditches we could find. And at every spot we went to, there were dragonflies. There were different sizes and colors of them everywhere. Occassionally, one would get too close to the water and became a quick snack for a fish lurking below the waters. That’s where we would cast our lines after hearing the splash of the water.

Back in 1993, Michael Franks composed an outstanding jazz album by the name “Dragonfly Summer“. As I understand it, it was his first album in 3 years and was met with great reviews. Maybe Michael, too, grew up around dragonflies.

Last week as I was getting accustomed to life in Conway, I had the opportunity to capture great shots while in the company of dragonflies. When I was a kid, I didn’t realize how beautiful they are. Take a look at the pulchritude of my Dragonfly Summer.

Dragon Fly 2LogoDragon Fly 3LogoDragon Fly 4LogoDragon Fly 5LogoDragon Fly 6LogoDragon Fly 7logoDragon Fly 8LogoDragon Fly 9logoDragon Fly 10logoDragon Fly 11LogoDragon Fly 12logo


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