Discovering South Carolina -Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge

Over the last month, I’ve had the opportunity to travel quite extensively between the Carolinas. The natural beauty of these two states just from the perimeter of the interstates and country roads I’ve traveled is enough to draw you closer. Not everyone gets the chance to explore the places I’ve been fortunate enough to see. Have no fear. You can see what I see through the lens of my cameras right here at Ascended Thoughts.

Discovering South Carolina started with my stumbling upon Musgrove Mill right outside Clinton, SC. The signs from the road drew me closer. Then we found the hidden gem at Dreher Island. This is such a beautiful place to bring the whole family on your next vacation. Let us explore another one of my stumble upon places in Georgetown, SC.

The Sign 1 WM

The Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge is an outdoor and wildlife enthusiast’s heaven. And even if you are a beginning discoverer of nature like I am, this place is a great start. There is so much for your eyes and soul to absorb here. According to the refuge’s website, there are 22 acres of sprawling nature at the Visitor and Environmental Education Center located just north of Georgetown, SC on Highway 701. The 7300 square foot center itself will leave you in awe as you gaze at the collection of live animals, state of the art museum and classrooms for instruction.

You will find a friendly and knowledgeable staff that is enthusiastic about being there. Their demeanor made me even more eager to get out and explore. After a briefing of the grounds of the facility and the wood trails I was about to embark on, I was on my way with my cameras draped around my neck ready to capture beauty.

Check out the galleries below of just a little of what you can see at Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge. As it is so close to me, I’m sure I will be going back for more. Who knows? I may even volunteer some time to learn and share with others at the refuge.

Outside Exploration

Live Animal Exhibits

Inside The Museum

There you have it folks. A little of what I was able to see on this journey. I encourage you to get out and live and explore. Pack up the family and visit one of South Carolina’s Wildlife Refuges and State Parks. You won’t be disappointed!



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