The Old Man, The Woods, and The Mountains

Old man Nerrad loved to show off his pictures. He’d show them to anyone who would  spend 2 minutes to gander. He was showing them to a group of people one afternoon when a question bellowed from the mouth of a youth. “Why do you take so many pictures of nature and the woods old man? One day something is going to get you”. Old man Nerrad smiled with a sparkle in his eye and continued on with his picture show.

While on the phone one cool fall evening with a close friend of many years, the subject of the old man’s future came up. What are your plans for the future Nerrad? There is so much opportunity for you if you were to move out here. The old man replied to her, “I want to find a simple home far up in the mountains and enjoy the rest of my beautiful life.” This is the second time Old man Nerrad mentioned the mountains to her. “What is your fascination with the mountains Nerrad? You’re going to cut yourself off from everything and everyone…including me!” The old man chuckled and changed the conversation.

The Old Man knew the answers to the questions he was asked. But he would only answer them when the time was right. He decided to answer the questions with pictures so that his reply would be seen as well as heard.

I take so many pictures of the woods because it is in the woods, any woods, that I feel how fearfully and wonderfully made I am. I become free just like the nature that surrounds me. Every adventure embarked upon brings new beauty to my eyes and exhilarating energy to my body. The vibrant colors of flowers, a snow white duck, and the new life of baby swans bring out the best in me. It’s because we’re all a part of His creation and co-habitants of a place we call home. I love the adrenaline of driving up and down winding mountain roads. I am enamored by the discovery of an old abandoned house and wonder the lives that once bounced off its walls. There is amazing calm in this world we know as wildlife. Yet, there is rampant chaos and disorder in what we know as home, and work, and church, and politics. Civilization is what they call it.

What is my fascination with the mountains? The mountain is where I truly commune, up high, with The Creator of The Universe. Up on the mountain there are no rumors to hear. I’ve never heard gossip or seen any jealousy. I’ve yet to witness backstabbing or whispers or ridicule. No Sir. High up on the mountain there is only the sound and vision of a love unconditional and that seems most like Heaven to me.

Carry on Old Man. Carry on!



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