The Country Life Adventure


The orange color of these flowers was so vibrant… even with an overcast sky.  This was my first shot of the day. 

Just in case you didn’t know, I was born in South Carolina. I’ve been fortunate in my lifetime to live in other countries and in other states. If I had to choose another state to live in, however, it would be Tennessee. I love that place. Not as much as I love South Carolina though.

Through my travels, I’ve gotten to see more of South Carolina than I’ve ever seen. I was blown away by the beauty of Great Falls. There is a country beauty there that makes you fall in love with the way things were. Then there is Rock Hill. I am most certainly returning to this city. I’m thinking I’ll need to spend a month there to embrace all the beauty of it’s upscale, yet, still southern appeal.

IMG_7521-01-01[1]Today rain was a definite in the forecast.  I didn’t want to venture too far out from Conway for fear of getting rained out and disappointed. So, I drove a few miles out into the country. I am never disappointed taking country roads in any direction until they end. Then, I’ll either go straight ahead, left or right, and repeat.  I like this frame a lot as the trees reflect upon the quiet pond. A few of the roots of the dead pine are still anchored and allows it to lean over without completely falling. It’s orange needles stand out from all the green that surrounds it.

Another thing about riding out into the country side is the element of surprise. Just yesterday, I saw the most beautiful fawn while I was pulled over on the roadside taking a business call. It didn’t stray too far from the safety of the woods. Even if it had, I wasn’t prepared to get a good photograph of it anyway. Talk about bad timing!

I have always had a fascination with bales of hay. And as many of them as I have seen, I’ve never seen the actual process take place.  As I was approaching a stop sign, I could see these jumbo bales sitting in a freshly cut golden field. Don’t they make you want to go play hide and seek in the field like you did when you were young?


Where there is hay, there just might be cattle or horses. In this case, it was cattle. I sometimes forget how huge these beasts are. And there were many of them. As I gazed out over the pasture in awe of how many there were and the massive acreage they roamed and grazed on, I realized the impact that cattle farmers and farmers in general have on our world. If it weren’t for these dedicated men and women, we just might be in trouble when it comes to your favorite cut of steak and your favorite vegetable to accompany it!

I wanted to save this little lady for last. It appears that she was none to happy with me being too close to their space. She was lying down at first. As I pulled out my camera to get a solo shot of her, she looked as if to say, “Now is not the time for this!” Note the look on her face in the last shot!




Thank you for visiting this country adventures picture show. It doesn’t matter whether you live in the country like I do or in the hustle and bustle of the city, there is always beauty around you somewhere. Capture it! Share it! Repeat!


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