Fitness Is A Way of Life


Fitness Trainer O. David DeBerry instructs and works out simultaneously at Tha Box Fitness Center.

It takes a mountain of motivation to rise from your warm cozy bed hours before the sun rises and start a workout regimen. For some, the work day begins right after the workout. Wait! Work? After a 30 minute circuit training with Tha Box’s O. David DeBerry, you still have to go in to work a 9-5? That may sound impossible for those of us that don’t have the motivation. For David and his clients, fitness is a way of life.

Tha Box is the premier fitness center in Dillon County. The gym’s owner, David, as we all know him, started on this journey almost 3 years ago. To be an entrepreneur has always been David’s dream. To be a fitness trainer makes the endeavor that much more enjoyable for him.

We had the opportunity to visit Tha Box last weekend. While we weren’t there to put in the workout we would have liked to, David allowed us to be flies on the wall with cameras as we captured the adrenaline of his clients flow around the 30-minute circuit course. After the course was complete and the crew recovered from their exhaustion, we were able to sit down with David for an interview which you don’t want to miss. We discussed inter-dependency, leadership as it relates to ministry and his role as a fitness trainer. Check out our brief talk and David’s upcoming plans for Tha Box’s third year anniversary.


Need to know what goes on in Tha Box and how to get in touch with David to start your fitness transformation? Check out his promotional video here for all that information.

We give a special thanks to Tha Box for reserving a little time with us. We look forward to coming back to get in on the fitness revolution.



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